Why Green Card Resolutions?

Indians are the fifth largest investors in the EB-5 programmes as per statistics released by US officials. The EB-5 Visa Programme is a good alternative for Indians wishing to migrate to the US, particularly when the H1-B Visa rules are being tightened. The EB-5 investment process can be confusing and complicated and often involves communication with numerous governmental agencies, attorneys and Regional Centers in the United States.

The form-filling and documentation needed to successfully submit an I-526 petition can be quite tedious. EB-5 investors must complete and acquire the petition paperwork,source of funds, clarity on the associated business plan, several reports and all other necessary ancillary documentation. Clever petitioners recognize that the process requires important input and preparation of materials by experienced industry professionals. And in this overall EB-5 process of immigration to the US, we are with you every step of the way supporting you in this life-changing decision!

Why should you choose us?

  • immigration can be a life-altering decision for many and as there are many uncertainties in choosing the Right Attorney and the Regional Centre - the entire process of obtaining the Conditional Green Card becomes tiresome – Green Card Resolutions and team are here to help you with all the complexities!
  • We are a team of dedicated professionals who will guide you through the various processes in a smooth and simple manner.
  • Our immigration experts, if needed, will make a personal visit to most of the immigration destinations even if they have already done a thorough study on them from the viewpoint of visa permit and immigration.
  • We offer brilliant consultancy services for US immigration for determined and forward-looking experts, self-employed professionals, investors, businessmen, and entrepreneurs.
  • We will help you in getting tax related consultancy services that have an experience of dealing with EB 5 visas.
  • With our independent evaluation of the projects like SWOT analysis, financial and technical analysis; you will be in a better position to make the final decision.
  • We will help to tie up with various Immigration Attorneys and would also help you understand about the intricacies of various documents to be filed with respective authorities.
  • Co-ordination and handholding until the entire process is completed and helping to zero down on the best regional centre depending upon various factors.
  • Last,but definitely not the least – our visa consulting services are purely legitimate and reliable and we believe in complete transparency with no hidden costs.